Troy Cox served as Chief Executive Officer of Foundation Medicine, Inc. (“Foundation Medicine”) from February 2017 through February 2019 as CEO and member of the Board of Directors from February 2017 until July 2018, and in the additional role of President of Foundation Medicine from February 2018 until July 2018. Prior to Foundation Medicine, Mr. Cox served as Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Genentech, Inc. (“Genentech”) from February 2010 until February 2017. Before joining Genentech, Mr. Cox served as President of CNS operations at UCB S.A. (“UCB BioPharma”) with responsibility for developing and commercializing therapeutics for diseases primarily related to the central nervous system. Prior to UCB BioPharma, Mr. Cox held senior commercial leadership roles with Sanofi-Aventis and Schering-Plough. Mr. Cox received a B.B.A. in finance from the University of Kentucky and an M.B.A. from the University of Missouri.